27th April 2024 AGM


Dear Members,

You are cordially invited to:

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of Croydon Ecology Centre.

Date: Saturday 27th April at 2:30pm.

Location: Selsdon Centre for the Retired, 132 Addington Road South Croydon, CR2 8LA.

The Centre is located in the Sainsburys building on the same floor as the Supermarket and Library.


Per Article J of our Constitution, the Agenda will be as follows:


1. Apologies for absence

2. Report of the Management Committee for the previous calendar year

3. Statement of accounts of the Association for the previous calendar year

4. Election of the Management Committee for 2024-2025

5. Setting the annual subscription rates for the following year

6. Any other business


Please follow these links for the following documents:

CEC Membership Renewal Form.

Nomination form for the 2024/25 Management Committee.

Proxy voting form for the 2024 AGM.

A description of Management Committee roles.


We look forward to seeing you all there!


Please RSVP to:

Stephen Chatfield (Secretary)




Per our 2016 Constitution,

Any registered member aged sixteen years or over shall be qualified to vote at any General Meeting called by the Management Committee (Article D2).

A qualified member who is unable to attend a General Meeting may vote by authorising another qualified member in writing to act as ргоху (Article D2).

Members aged eighteen years or over who are not in full-time education may be required to pay an annual subscription. The annual subscription shall fall due immediately following the Annual General Meeting in each year (Article D3).

All members aged eighteen years or over who have held continuous membership for nine months or more shall be eligible for appointment as a Management Committee member (Article F1).

To qualify for appointment or re-appointment as a Management Committee member, a member must submit notice in writing of his or her willingness to be appointed, supported by the names and signatures of two other members qualified to vote, to the Secretary at least seven days before the General Meeting (Article F2).

Any competent Management Committee member shall eligible for re-appointment (Article F4).

If there is more than one candidate for appointment to any vacancy among the Executive Officers, or if there are more candidates than vacancies among the remaining Management Committee members, the appointment shall be decided by ballot at the General Meeting (Article E4).