May 2023: Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Following the curtailment of the AGM in May, an EGM will take place on Saturday 29th July.  Members have been informed.

May 2023 : Beekeeping

May 2023 : Winter Fruit Pruning

At Croydon Ecology Centre, we are lucky to have a collection of over 90 fruit trees including heritage varieties that were planted many years ago under the stewardship of the Riesco family. We believe that our ‘Lord Loddington’ and Bramley are the most venerable, at well over 100 years old. Conscious of this legacy, we are keen to keep the orchard in good health through sustainable nature conservation.

And so it was that, in November 2022, two of our volunteers visited Brogdale in Kent, home of the National Fruit Collection, where the renowned expert John Easton led them through a crash-course on Winter Fruit Pruning. They returned with improved confidence and knowledge on how to prune the wide variety of pear and apple trees in our care.

There are various aspects to consider before unleashing your secateurs and pruning saws on your treasured fruit trees. So, if you would like to know more, then please look at  some of the tips that our volunteers learned on the course, with a particular focus on apples and pears.

October 2022: Apple Day

Photos from the event