The Centre was established in 1997 and has since been managed and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Tucked away behind the walled garden of Heathfield House in Croydon, the Centre is a sanctuary for various creatures including sheep, newts and bees and trees and plants including some rare fruit varieties.



The Centre has become a popular educational resource and is visited by numerous local schools.


We are open to the public at least twice each month and also organise several special events to which all are welcome.

You may also keep track of Heathfield news and events on Facebook and Twitter.

Copies of our newsletter, the Echo, are available in the downloads section.

  • To enhance, encourage and facilitate the work
    done by groups and individuals concerned with nature
    conservation within the London Borough of Croydon.
  • To raise public awareness of and participation in nature
  • To foster within young people, through education, a
    love and interest in their local surroundings and the natural
    world and the part they can play in protecting them.
  • To conserve the many fine old varieties within the Old
    Orchard at Heathfield, in order to ensure a diversity of
  • To work in cooperation with the London Borough of
    Croydon and with other organisations in the furtherance of
    these objects.

The Centre is funded by donation, fundraising and the occasional grant. All who work there are unpaid volunteers. Contrary to occasional rumour, the Centre is not run nor funded by Croydon Council.